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Thursday, May 24, 2012

: Instageese

I am missing you, you guys!  I got stuck in the photo challenge, and ... Stuck in the blogging challenge. Smirk. I have to square away some time to get my words out.

You know what I did yesterday? I sat down at the dining room table and started coloring.  I've been stumbling over the 'inequality' day of the photo challenge.  I wrote out the word hoping for some inclination as to where to begin.  Then I brought my coloring to work with me.  Maybe it just needed a little distance from the house? Before I returned home, I took a picture of my word and coloring.  Instead of passing on the word 'inequality', I figure I'll simply share my stumpedness. :)
Get it? What is IN equality?


Gram said...


Anonymous said...

good one. I always try those word games in the Saturday paper, but I struggle with them.


Jan said...

I am thinking of a photo with a packet of Equal in it...

MindiJo said...

Like Gram said, Clever! You are so good with words.