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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

luckily, he wears his guilt on his face.

after judah went down for his nap this afternoon, suvi and theo and i went outside to play.  there was a little racing, a little digging, a little wipe-out, and a little bit of a chill.  suvi and i decided to sit in the car (so nice and warm in there) while theo did his thing.  once theo climbed into the car, the ridiculousness of sitting in the car (hello, ever heard of a sweatshirt? of course the girls are chilled in their tanks!) was revealed to me.  i shooed them out of the flex.  theo lingered a while in the out of doors.  i peeked at him; he was digging in the dirt near the deck.  he came back in the house soon enough, but my mom sensors perked up.  he was extra cheery and perhaps a bit smug.

me: what did you do?
him: i put a nail by the tire.
me: by the tire on my car?
him: mm-hmm.
me: show me. right.now.
him: well, i don't even need socks and shoes...

there it was, behind the driver's side rear wheel.  seriously.  normally i get so frustrated with his antics, but thankfully i remained cool as a cucumber.  i explained that if i got a flat tire when i was at work, i wouldn't be able to come home.  or if it happened while i was driving, it could be very dangerous on the side of the road.

theo suggested that if it happened right when i was leaving for work, then i wouldn't be able to go.

his ma would love to stay home every night.  thankfully i enjoy my work, it makes it easier to be away from my family.  for me.  but theo would probably like to have his mom tuck him in more often, and maybe go for a walk with the family after supper.  i get why he wants me home.  but a nail in the tire is NOT the best way to communicate that desire.  agreed?

serious stinker.
earlier he asked me why i had to go to work on wednesday, because i don't have to work on wednesdays (usually).  i said life is expensive and we need money to pay our bills.  "but life is just life! how can it be expensive? it's just...life!"  it's true.  he is one wise stinkerdoodle.


Anonymous said...

Theo- sassy! Funny kid, though....I got the giggles when I read that.


Anonymous said...

What a stinker for sure!
~ann b.

MindiJo said...

Oh, that cute little stinkerdoodle. I love him.

How he loves his mama! Rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

oh that boy! -what a doll. -jr