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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

me and my
living under his
tho i walk through the valley of the
...shadow of my part.

from the...




i really wanted to take a self portrait of me acting 'street', but haven't, as of yet.

and, silhouette.  it's not a perfect silhouette, but this *is* a perfect boy!


Gram said...

Now ain't he just the cutest little silhouette EVER! Squishable to say the least.

ethiopifinn said...

hi gram!

Brita said...

Love em all. Especially the Patrick one.

Anonymous said...

oh is he cute!


MindiJo said...

MMMMMmmmmmmmmm. That little guy is yummy. I could either bite his cheeks or squish 'em. Maybe both.

MindiJo said...

I wonder how you'd feel about him having me as a MIL?

ethiopifinn said...

i would actually offer both the kids an incentive to make sure he has you for a mil.

Anonymous said...

Are you enjoying the May challenge? I am so far.
Nice pics.
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

ann, i am. i like having a little goal for the day. i'm loving your pics, lady!