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Friday, May 25, 2012

nice looking butt

today i was in the bathroom getting washed up when my darling suvi came in and said, "hey mom! nice looking butt."  "thank you, suvi," i replied.
up in my room i took a little look-see at the ol' back end. if you knew me in my late teens and early twenties, i'll just update you: broader, dimplier, and just as white. (mooning was my pass-time)  i was chuckling to myself about her comment when i heard her tromping up the stairs. "what are you laughing about? what is funny?"
i was enjoying the magic eyes of a child.  a child who sees beauty in her mother's huge bum.  i think she sees in the color of love.  everyday she says things that surprise me in the most humorous and delightful ways.

back to the photo challenge... as i mentioned, i've been rather stuck.  and i am still stuck, but it seems best to simply post what i have so far and keep going.  i want to see and feel the exactly right thing for each day.  when that doesn't happen, i perhaps over-think?  yaaaa, so.  here we go then.

the open sign makes me happy.
this is the place i mentioned not too long ago :)
when i was thinking about the word inequality, i asked myself 'what is inequality?' and often when i am focusing on a word or a name, i see it spelled out in my mind's eye.  'intuition' kept popping into my little headball.  isn't that weird?  so i sat down with the kids colors and just kept going until the entire page was covered.  i didn't even really want to write the equal[what]ity.  it made me uncomfortable.  maybe it is the concept, or what it means in society.  because it conflicts with the thought that everything is meant to be.  this  idea is rather often rolling around in my thoughts.  do you know what i think?  if we look at our life's timeline of events as a map, there are certain cities that we will hit.  however, we will get there on the path that we forge for ourselves.  so maybe we are humbled and listening with an obedient ear to the direction, or maybe we are jamming cotton in our ears because we need to climb up a treacherous cliff and skid down a steep hill, and then walk through a dusty, sun-bleached field, and then jump puddles in a rainstorm and then walk over coals before we can get to the next city.  we are reminded to be faithful in the face of trial, and through the trials find faith.  so whether by devotion or by lesson, we reach the same point.  whether we have worked 12 hours or 1 hour, we will receive the same reward.  perhaps the inequality then sits between the faithful and whatever is left.

at some point i will see the time and place that captures inequality for me.  probably i will better understand, and probably it will be much simpler than i am allowing myself to interpret sunday's photo challenge.  and you? what is inequality to you?

day 21. contrast
light and dark.

fallen tree against the standing pines.

lush green of the grass contrasted with the dead branches.

oh my! there is more to come, but it is past my bedtime.  the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin!


Gram said...

I GET you. I, haven't missed very many challenge days since the beginning of march. And yet after pondering the inequality word for a few days I just couldn't do it. This was a good read. On a lighter note: I want to get to know that little girl of yours.

Anonymous said...



MindiJo said...

Who needs pictures with a beautiful post like that?

MindiJo said...

I read through this again. And I liked it better the second time. Maybe inequality is as simple as when one child has 3 skittles and the other has 2. That was my original thought.

ethiopifinn said...

Mindi, I think it is that simple :) I'm the one taking the scenic route. Teehee.

mella said...
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