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Sunday, July 22, 2012

i am up

i cried many days in a row.
and i worried and fretted.
i let myself be injured and totally vulnerable and painfully honest in my emotion.
it is so scary to let every pain be exposed, fears announced, questions be asked.
yet, it was perfect.  uncomfortable.  and exactly what i needed.

it is so hard to keep all the balls in the air.  i am not a super duper juggler. but when you are with your no-matter-what friends, it can happen.  i can drop all the balls.  i might worry them or annoy them or make them just look the other way, but they love me.  and they tell me, 'this too shall pass.'  and that i don't suck.

i had a fabulous day at work on saturday.  it was directly related to a wonderful 5 days in the copper country, especially in boston location.  i enjoyed my clients more and was just reLAXED. it was great.

my friends are MY BEST.
I love you, Deanna and Nancy.  Thanks for loving me in my weirdness.  MUAH!

judah was already in the car...he likes to go for rides

the neighbor boy took this photo.  he might be 7. his name is calvin. 
it was a hot day at home today.  we filled up our little pool with water.  you may remember, my kids like to be au naturale.

suvi splashing theo

theo formulating a plan

later he came to me and said if he had a piece of glass or something like that he could fry something with the sunshine.  our plan is to burn a blade of grass on the driveway tomorrow.  this kid!


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I was telling a friend that it is really good when she tells me that I annoy/ed her because the more she tells me, the more I learn that I can annoy someone and it doesn't mean that the friendship is over. I can annoy them and they will still love me or like me or want to be friends with me. Somehow, I never trusted this. (Also, it turns out that lots of the things I do to try not to be annoying are more annoying than the thing I am trying not to do. I find this rather annoying myself. ;)