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Monday, August 13, 2012

What's your thing?

What is the thing that sends you into your superpower?
How did you find your super special superpower? And how did you recognize it?

What I am asking you is, what are you really good at and how do you know?   Tell me how it makes you feel, what you think while you are performing your mad superpower skilz.

When I am "behind the chair," as we say in the hair biz, I am comfortable, relaxed, sure. I don't know if it is my superpower really, but I do enjoy my work.  That I must depend on the choice of others to do my work is tough.  People have to want to be in my chair.  They have to make a choice about whether to pay for hair services and to whom they will give their business.  It doesn't matter if I am suddenly in the mood to do hair, it matters if you, my client, are in the mood to come in!

Yes, hairdressing gives me enjoyment.  Yet something is missing,  I want more. More focus, more stick-to-it-ness, more confidence.  Not less hairdressing. More of that, too, please.
Recently I asked a friend who is progressing on a plan for healthier, or as she says clean eating, how she is achieving her success.  "I just do it, even when I don't want to."  That piece is a mountainous challenge for me.  The 'I don't want to' sits between my shoulder blades and wants to keep me in my chair. To shift my attitude about daily life tasks and goals, I am listing the work  I complete, rather than my former tendency of bemoaning what I cannot/have not done. It is easy and predictable to be miserable, right? It takes work to have the view from the mountain top. Stupid verticals. Stupid smart friends. Wait. What? No, stupid misery.

Would you like to see my list for today?
  • Blogged with words.
  • Lined up Gram to watch the kids a couple times in the next two weeks.
  • Trimmed Theo's hair.
  • Walked up and down the driveway, pulling Judah in the wagon.
  • Kept that last one on the bullet list, even though I fear it isn't worthy of mention, but it is a baby step for me in cleaner living, so i know it is important to keep it on the list.
Do you keep a list for yourself?  

Peace for the week! jt.


MindiJo said...

My thing is cooking. I love it. When I'm bored, I create in the kitchen. I haven't killed anyone with my cooking yet, and people continue to eat it, so I must be okay at it. I *love* cooking. It bothers me when people try to help me in the kitchen. Unless that person is my sister or maybe my mom. Don't ask. Don't help.

MindiJo said...

As for my list, I really need to exercise. I didn't yesterday. I was in the kitchen for too long. Heh.

Anonymous said...

My thing is reading.....and writing. Something I want to do more but don't make the time. Reading to my kids is my favorite activity---again, something I don't make enough time for.

Hmmm....this has me thinking.


elizabeth said...

Huh. What is my superpower? I think they are different from my work. :) One is that I am good at making people feel safe enough to be vulnerable. I don't know how I do that at all; it just happens; it's always happened; that's why I think it's a superpower. :)

Julie said...

I had a superpower and then I lost it. Shucks. I'll have to think if I have others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Really great. I don't keep a list but it's a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad you lost your superpower, Julie!
~ann b.