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Saturday, September 1, 2012


"I miss Nikita."
"I was missing them tonight, too."
"I miss them EVERYday."
Me, too, Presh.

it's funny how we can have such affection for ----wait. not funny at all. wonderful.  it's wonderful how we can have such affection for our people. our friend people.


i was thinking again tonight of our trip to michigan and not about how very stressed out i was, but about how i was still so happy to be there.  and it takes me some time, because my friends are gentle while i am fragile, but i have been hearing some of the things they were telling me then, understanding them now.

that first night, i told nancy and deanna that being with them feels like coming home.  maybe i've been in my head a lot lately.  my heart has been beating strong against the 'not good enoughs' in my mind.  relationships have been sticky for me this summer.  probably from the heat.  i love my friends no matter what and especially because they can love me. me.


Anonymous said...

We miss you too Suvi EVERYDAY:). I've been thinking about our talks. I miss them.....and you. Nan

ethiopifinn said...


Anonymous said...

You, that's exactly right. You're like coming home for others too. I hope you 're not being hard on yourself. You're my people. -jr

Anonymous said...

There are peeps hanging around home here that would listen if you've a mind to talk....jest sayin'
~ann b.