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Monday, September 24, 2012

Raw foods have higher nutrient values than foods which have been cooked

that is what i read from a super trusty source, wikipedia.

but you know what? i'm not thinking about food, i'm thinking about soul food, raw emotion, and process.
i'm thinking that there is something beautiful inside this raw feeling i have in my heart and there-abouts. i am thinking that distance is tangible, need is imagined, perception is sometimes a chokey smokey telescope, obsession is shrinkable, curiosity is inflammatory.

but. i do believe that all this rawttitude, rawtivity, rawxclamations, warm and malleable, contribute greatly to the life experience.  perspective and relativity is pretty much the most important tool in examining the raw soul food.


p.s. have you guessed my anxiety is binding then icing the underside of my breast bone? right between my heart and lungs and the upper rib cage i can feel this little red anxiety monster squeezing my lungs with his toes and icing my heart with huge icy mittens.

i am feeling insecure in some of my personal relationships, lonesome, and beating myself up.  i'll feel better soon.  i know.  i always get through the fields of tangle weed doubt.  and i hope the cause of my insecurities is just a personal rough patch and not a true reflection of the condition of a very important station of my heart.

in other news, Theo went to school every day last week.  and today, too!  today he told me the only part of school he doesn't like is LEAVING!


Sharyn said...

High Fives Theo!!!!

Hope that anxiousness goes away!! Although I do love the sentences that it causes you to create. ....icing my heart with huge icy mittens....through the fields of tangle weed doubt...

sigh. Write a book, would ya.

elizabeth said...

Agree with Sharyn on the sentences.


MindiJo said...

Ditto to everything that Sharyn said. And a little xoxoxoxo like Elizabeth.

Anxiety sucks. End of story.

ethiopifinn said...

Oh, you three girls made me chuckle.
thank you.

and yes, it does suck. but this ain't the worst thing, ever, so at least there is that!

Anonymous said...

sending a big warm hug from the CC.


Julie said...

Love and hugs to ya. You have soul, sister! I love your writing.

Anonymous said...

anxiety bites
~ann b.
p.s. yay theo!

ethiopifinn said...


I just have to say, I am checking in on my iPad while editing pix on the pc. I was trying to type a response with my computer keyboard. Mayhaps bedtime has arrived...