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Sunday, September 30, 2012

slowly but surely

i think i can, i think i can.
i think i can

the art is from Miss Jill McDonald's etsy shop.
i think i can, i think i can

i have pretty much always known i don't thrive on a go-go-go schedule. to me, it is chaos.  
this is what i have just learned: i get tired and confused and lose track of myself when days, weeks, months are jam packed and full and busy. i start to shut down. power off. i will get better at this new life we are living.  it's like a new job, it takes time to get acclimated. 
and the things that overwhelm me are things plenty-o-mom's do. but my brain is not a plenty-o brain.
so many more signatures and appointments, a set schedule, daily medication for theo, returning to the dave ramsey line of budgeting, testing the waters in a new creative outlet/income generator, new commitments... good, purposeful things. but trying to keep it all straight is a challenge for me.  i like easy breeze-y. "I'm breezy." (monica from friends in her message to richard)
i find myself checking and double checking the calendar.  i don't want to forget anything, yet, it is bound to happen.  we had an open house a couple of weeks ago on a night that i worked; we didn't get it on the calendar and missed it. today i was just.so.exhausted, i couldn't make myself wake up to get the kids to sunday school.  and we bring another kindergartener with us, so i knew i'd be letting her down, but i could.not.wake.up.  sigh.  her mumma is sweet and appreciative that we bring her to sunday school when we can, tho.  and we were able to schedule a parent/teacher conference via the 'take home folder' despite missing the sign-up night.
these kids are simply our world and we want to do everything for them.  of course. 
in searching for my links, i spent some time with my old
 they always know how to cheer me up!
then i came across this interview with the other jen. she mentioned how she had a new experience of liking where she was in the very moment, not looking to the past or future...shazam! it resonated with me.
kind of like i am what i am and it is what it is.

happy October.  
love and peace and trick or treats to you and you and you!!!!!


Gram said...

Thanx. You helped to start my week on a positive note.

MindiJo said...

Yeah, you don't *have* to be the mom that thrives on busy. As a matter of fact, don't be. Cuz then you wouldn't be you. Just deal with busy as best you can when it comes along. And then totally thrive when the not busy comes along. I totally thrive on the busy. And right now, I am so not busy. Should we trade some stuff?

Anonymous said...

I, too, sometimes feel like that train. Then I crash and take a nap and it all falls into place around me. It's ok to sleep in and recharge.

Thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

Ah miss Jenny you are beautiful! The kids will mostly just remember your love and your time! You can still be breezy! Rest is important too! Love! Rhonda