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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

eyes and ears and mouth and nose,

a certain kindergartener was limping again today.
he also has a rash on his face. (he had a rash at the back of his neck with the joint pain/swelling in september)
sunday evening he was at a birthday party & i am now wondering if the rash is from the cake (or some other peanut exposure at the bowling alley), whether the limping is related, and when we are going to know what is happening inside his sweet little head, shoulders, knees and toes.


MindiJo said...

Hoooooboy. Izzy just got over some weird virus that made it hard for her to walk. That is scary for a momma. Hope you get your answers!

mella said...

you've probably already considered this, but gluten allergies are underlying with a lot of joint pain.

love to you and your sweet boy!

ethiopifinn said...

We haven't investigated it Mel, I've just worried about it a lot.
Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Theo and mom:( I hope you can find some answers. Nan