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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I like me some pink

it seems the ball has been dropped over here at ethiopifinn, when it comes to hairdos, at least!
after my client tonight, i glanced down at the open magazine on my station and was compelled to pick it up.  i proceeded to go through it page by page in an effort to better educate myself on the popular culture of hallywood. ;) this picture (1.) of Pink caught my eye.  The "article" was reporting a poll about whether people would wear a trend like the celebrity.  overwhelmingly the polled said they would NOT wear their hair like Pink.  i said to myself, *I* would.  And I will RIGHT. NOW.  I wish I was brave enough to rock the pale pink, but those days are gone for me now.  Well, until I am 75.  Then I'll go back to doing whatever I want.  Right?  
If you'd like to recreate this hair-do, follow my easy steps.  Look, we are ALREADY on step 2.  You are flying through it!  Way to go! 
Step 2. set aside 20 minutes (at most). 

step 3. section your hair in a mohawk (the top) and clip that middle section.  smooth down the sides and pin or tie or clip back.
       4. use your TeaZe brush or a comb to rat the heck out of your mohawk. it will stay better.
       5. curl  the ends with an iron or hot rollers, or plan ahead and dry your hair in rollers.  because i am sure you have rollers in your collections, don't you?!
       6. smooth your hair to one side. i went with my part, but you can do like pink and go left to right.  if you want to be wrong that is your decision. kidding.
       7. shape your roll with your fingers and pin in place (the "inside" or tail of your roll/curl)
       8. set with spray. (if your hair is short like mine, just pin the sides back. but it would be cool to do a french roll, bun, or pinned up curls in the back.)
       9. commence admiring your reflection.
      10. get a closer look at your rock and roll/retro awesomeness
      11. feel free to tame it down if you are going to grab groceries.

So, Just in time for Halloween, or if you are like me, Wednesday,  you have it within your means to rock your hair right out.



Anonymous said...

What mood lighting will do to a person who is feeling utterly creative is amazing, along with a good camera and some fancy styling!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Like I understood that. You think I've done my hair since my wedding? which I didn't even do then, you did!
~ann b.

MindiJo said...

Ooooooh-eeeeeeeeeeee! You rock that pink do, gorgeous! I love it! SQUEEEEEE! Can it be done with longer than shoulder length hair? OR some version of it? LOVE. I love Pink. She has a style all her own (except now you share it) and it is fabulous!

~ Jennifer J. said...

Love it! And I love Pink's awesome hair do's.

Anonymous said...



elizabeth said...

It looks so good on you!

Me, on the other hand, I am skeptical. But when I am in the cities someday, I will let you try it on me and I will see what I think.