LOVE has come for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


i realized something tonight.
or, something was revealed to me tonight.
 and it is a message and a lesson i have learned and forgotten many times over in my life.
miracles do happen.
things are not what they seem to be.

Jesus healed the blind man to heal me, to call me to Him, to guide me.  to keep me on the path.

i have been lamenting the unfairness of the trials of others lately.  i have been despairing over illness and heartbreak and economics. i have not been breathing gratitude or trust. i have been listening to the world and the darkness and falling into the shadows.

i don't want my doubts and weaknesses to push others into the dark.

i am so thankful for the fellowship of my Christian friends, and that God speaks to me through them, pricks my conscience and reassures me through our ministers, and returns me to His fold when i am lost and wandering.

the stress and the heartache that an illness can bring to a family can be so trying. but seeing that He lifts up His children, carries them with the peace and strength and faith...it is a miracle.

ack. my words just seem so inadequate for what is in my heart tonight. i have to remind you, Jesus healed the blind man to heal you, too.  God does have a plan.  we can trust that He will carry us in our times of need.

from our song book, Spiritual Hymns and Songs, number 187 Bride of Mine
   2.  "I will lift the weak and fainting In my arms to lie and rest; With the balm of love your thirsting Soul is satisfied and blest.
   3.  So another footstep onward,  Bravely you can take below, Where you are by cares surrounded In the wilderness of woe.
   4.  On my bosom rest serenely; Do not fear, My dearest child; Keep your heart always open for Me Where I can fore'er abide."


Brita said...

Beautifully written.

Cindy said...

I too Jenny feel the exact same way at times. How things dont seem fair and the trials are too big, but like you I have been reassured by our Christian fellowship that God does have a plan. If we could just trust and believe. Sometime we need that reminder. :)

elizabeth said...

I think it's only human to fall out of gratitude and trust. They are lovely - and hopefully I stay in them longer and more - but still, I don't know if I'll ever make it to 100%.


Julie said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Larissa said...

I love the words in that song, so appropriate for today. As we heard, we need to pray to God for patience and long suffering in order to cling to this weak faith a little longer. I am so glad we had today. I love you. Gid's Peace, Larissa

Larissa said...

God's Peace, Larissa

Anonymous said...

I think we get our siritual "food" from trials-- either our own or seeing other people's trials.

When I think of our connection of shared Faith, it gives me a a bursting heart! It is a love that has no words.


Gram said...

I soooo needed that reminder today. I might come back to it in a few hours when I will surely need it again.