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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

we had 12 solid hours of halloween

first off, this was saturday morning's windshield. saturday morning, when my husband got up with the kids and i shut off my alarm clock and woke up 20 minutes before i was due at work and i desperately needed a shower yet went to work armed with bobby pins, powder and deodorant.
i had to take a moment to get a photo tho. so pretty, the frost.

i am not a huge fan of scary halloween.  but i love to help the kids execute their visions and imaginings as best i can.  theo wanted to be a vampire. i was going to make him a cape, but thankfully i found one for 6 bucks. the make-up i ordered arrived on monday. his cape came with teeth. bonus!
the tie is red.

judah was nervous of me when i came home from preschool at lunchtime with some dark eyes. i love dramatic eye make-up. he kept hiding his face from me, so i wiped most of it off in order to smooch on him.  
i was very surprised that he wanted to paint his face this evening.  i was doing theo or suvi's make-up when he woke up from his nap, and he just went right for the red.  he had a little hodge podge costume, cuz that's how i roll: easy costumes for 2 year old boys.  

suvi could hardly sleep last night with excitement for preschool today.  she was a cute kitty (who looked like a bunny) in the morning, and a vampire kitty for trick-or-treating.
since about january, my precious dolly girl was planning on being a spy for halloween. monday she changed directions-- decided to be a cat. shirls made a faux fur wrap for me to wear on my wedding day. she gave me a target bag packed with the left-over fur; i am so glad! i made a little pink sweatshirt/jacket to go under suvi's fur. she wore it TO preschool, but wore her winter coat when we went out begging for candy.  

she was very sure to be polite and cheerful to all the neighbor's. and to mention it for props from mom on what a polite trick-or-treat-er she is. DARLING.  one or two groups came to our door once we were home.  she handed out the candy.  we just had to chuckle after the last group when she said, "that was so nice of them to drop by for some candy!"  AAH! this girl is completely absolutely fabulous.

judah did two rounds of going to bed.  the first round he couldn't fall asleep.  he was too wound up to eat earlier & the kid was just plain hungry. we fed him. (i know. we are super good parents. he even got a bath tonight.) he came out on the step with me to blow out the candles in our jack-o-lanterns. "nigh-night, pumpkinsth."
the big kids went to bed easily/happily.  they were literally bouncing around all day in anticipation of the big event.  my nephew stopped in with his buddy right before bed time and that was icing on the cake. hockey helmets, long mullets, glasses...those guys are the best!  theo, still jumping, said, "today was the best day of my life!" which is what he said the last time kevin visited us. 

judah's toes as he was sitting with me on the couch watching the last few minutes of Masterpiece Theater's Upstairs/Downstairs and then William&Mary. Watch them. Seriously.

all in all, it was a super fun day. no one, including me, had any melt-downs. i got to visit with my friend this morning, carve pumpkins in the afternoon, go for an evening stroll, eat candy, watch tube, and blog.

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Anonymous said...

Nice recap. Looks like fun was had by all.
~ann b.