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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wrap it up. with a bow.

do you know what this is?
 it is a birthday gift.
 fuzzy on the outside, functional on the inside.
you just go ahead and put your pencils in the little pencil slots, paper in one pocket, suckers in the other. so it's a pencil wrap/sucker holder.

(i may be am totally an uber fan of this blog, which inspired me to pull my glue gun out of hibernation a year or so ago, and gave me a little push to remember how to load the dangnab bobbin.) she did a tutorial here.  hers is much neater, but you guys, come on.  this was my first pencil wrap holder thing. and i did it from memory (don't forget, memory is shaky due to 3 kids birthed in 3.5 years) rather than taking a refresher "course" at A Girl and A Glue Gun. and in the same vein, she has this fantastic barbie organizer which you need for your bajillion barbies.

 folded up, but not tied (it was tied in the first picture with Suvi holding it)

and i made two barrettes. one for the birthday girl (great-niece, Myra)
and one for Presh.
okay. so i actually made two for Myra, but Suvi said she NEEDED this one.  I combined my mad sewing skills with some hot glue and a silver snap barrette. Voila!


Gram said...

Oh, how cute! Perfect to grab for kids who like to doodle in church!

mella said...

I would have enjoyed the feel of one of these *soft yet functional*'s to tote my pencils and suckers and barrettes around as a kid - heck, now too!

nice work :)

Kimbo West said...

everything turned out soooo cute! thanks for sharing and linking!

Anonymous said...

So amazing little Sis, I love that you made this gift (like I used to do). Now if I could figure out how to socialize at a party instead of working...It would have been fun to hide out in the sun room and get in on the chat!

ethiopifinn said...