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Thursday, November 8, 2012

HEY! I have a S-YOOPER idea!!!

You know what would cheer me up? It always works.  Give something away!!!!  Yep.
I'm going to do it.
A while back I ordered a T-Shirt for this very occasion.
If you are interested in sporting this lovely pink t with a white silhouette of the U.P. in size XL (it's pretty roomy, by the looks of it), leave a comment on this post including your idea of how to de-funk. You know, something that makes you get over yourself, get fired up, get moving and shakin', get perspective.  I want to hear something POSITIVE!!
 I was not trying to drink the UP, I was trying to give it a little smooch. AND point to the Copper Country.
906 in the HIZOUSE!
i'll do a drawing Monday 12 November. Probably.


Jeannine said...

Honestly, really honestly? Don't tell my husband because he'd be thrilled... going for a good walk or run- actually sweating! So why don't I do it much more often? I'm not sure :-) Maybe I need a walking buddy!

Joanna said...

Exercise. Singing loudly to therapeutic songs in my car. Talking it out with a girlfriend. Spending time with my dog. Crying about it. Doing something creative. Taking a long, hot bath. BY MYSELF, with no little fists pounding at the door. Going to bed and actually getting enough sleep (obviously not happening tonight).

Brita said...

I do much the same as you, something fun on the blog. Or sleep more. Or get together with friends.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. Thinking here. I keep myself busy cleaning or call my personal couselor- my sister. My funk this past coupla weeks have produced nothing but a snarling, cranky mom-wife. So maybe a win would lift my spirits.


Gram said...

I, too, have to say hmmmm. What gets me movin' & shakin' is grand kids. Whew. Had some here on & off this weekend and I have to say....other than a few "I'm-too-old-for-this" moments, they did a good job of keeping my mind off of this horrifically horrid gloomy weather this weekend. As to perspective? Your blog posts often pull me out of the slumps. You have a knack for getting me thinking. Wish I could offer you a positive thought right now, but I got nothin.

Julie said...

First of all, these photos rock. You're awesome.

Secondly, I... take a long bath. Sometimes, I eat dark chocolate while in the bath reading magazines.

Also, I Pinterest. :D

Anonymous said...

Way to defunk - exercise exercise exercise - and if that still doesn't work - lots of chocolate.

Jan said...

Short term: pet the dog, play (plunk) on the piano, read the kids a book. Basically, distracting my myself.

Longer term: leave the house, sleep (not always a good thing) read a book, convince one of the kids to go for a walk with me, listen to pandora on headphones and play solitaire on the computer.

I eat too, but that doesn't solve anything.
And if I can think of it, I fill out an emotional continuum form to evaluate if I am using negative thought patterns and filters. It's a good way for me to bring the bigger picture into perspective.
(That is so nerdy, isn't it? Hate to admit it, but it does help when I do it.)