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Monday, November 26, 2012

observe, compare, discuss.

everybody has his own way. or her own way. why is 'their' own way not correct, again? it is in other languages...i digress.
as i was loading my photos from today, i had to laugh at the difference between my first child and second child.
this guy has been begging to wear halloween make-up again for days. he.likes.zombies. as my sister pointed out, zombies weren't even part of our awareness until at least 12 years of age. this kid is nearly 6.

Meanwhile, the moment her brother gets home from kindergarten, princess cupcake takes his back pack and goes through all the papers and examines everything. i am pretty sure if she went to school with him tomorrow, she'd be caught up by friday.


Gram said...

I love when kids get to be who they are. Good job, mom.

Anonymous said...

how cute. I agree with Barb.

This summer I got the giggles at little miss Suvi. So "on-the-ball"! too cute!


mella said...

I'm so glad I got to spend that little time with you all this summer, now I can really appreciate this on a whole real-er level!
Theo is the cutest Zombie I've ever seen, and Suvi's enthusiasm for learning is contagious :)

Emily said...

Beautiful kids! Eva was by me when I scrolled down and she said in a breathless, excited voice, "It's Suvi... Suvi, my best, best friend!!!" She made her a heart and picture a few days ago.

elizabeth said...

Wait, it isn't correct? Or wait .. I think you can say, "Everyone has their own way." Insert pause while I look it up. Nope. I'm wrong. Apparently grammarians agree that they're both singular, but in America, we don't have a word to refer to a singular noun without a specific gender (which might explain why it works in other languages) so they often disagree on whether you can still use their to refer to them.

Julie said...

Fun! I love that their personalities are so different. It makes a momma giggle.