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Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, here we are

I find myself wanting to burrow. Change=challenge=growth=good. It's a little something I picked up from an intelligent woman I have the privilege of knowing.

I have known for a few years that some New & Improved is trying to scooch in on my life. But I push it back down whenever it pops up. Change be scary up in hee-yah, y'all. I was the kid who never pulled out a loose tooth. I let it wiggle around in my smile until it freed itself from my little girl mouth. I would push it with my tongue and and test it with my fingers, but I did not pull. I saved them, too, in my desk drawer until I went to college. Serious.

So it should come as no surprise that I keep closing the windows when the winds of change come a blowin'. I am going to apply for the next level of cosmetology license; it's called a managers license, but I call it a big scam to squeeze more money out of me. (actually, the fee for my licensure is really quite reasonable, but this manager's lic. just seems silly. I will be no more qualified for what I do, but I will be allowed to legally go out on my own.) at this point I haven't any plan of leaving MOE, but with the new insurance and tax laws, it might be better for MOE if I become a contractor. This also means that I could have a change of venue. SO MUCH UNKNOWN. Maybe a little Mohawks&Mullets Salon in our dining room? The new year will be exciting, it seems.


Have a fantastic Friday. If you'll be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, I wish you smooth sailing. I am thankful for my dear family, these bright children, clean water, a minister I've known for a quarter of a century, a super duper husband, and I am thankful for you, my friend.


Jan said...

Here's to new things!! Whacha got to lose, anyways? (besides a bit of cash) Congrats on figuring out your next step. That's the hardest part, IMO.

Anonymous said...

do it, do it!
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I say, go for it!

Anonymous said...

oops.....that was ME (B)

MindiJo said...


You are going to rock this change and like it. Which will mean you are intelligent. We already know you are!

Julie said...

Thankful for you, friend.

Prayers for a fun transition! Also, what Mindi said.