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Friday, January 18, 2013

pittering blocks

i've been having very strange yet realistic dreams the last few nights. they are not visions, i double checked. thankfully deanna did not shave her head. and my mom is not driving a ford f 150.

i did get my kitchen sink gleaming last week. but. i had a two hour chunk of time yesterday with nothing pressing to do, and instead of consulting my new schedule, i pittered it away on the couch. aaaah. couuuuch.

hope you get a good, long weekend like we do!
washing up

giving my hair a little boost.

the precariously balanced window washer.
the second train fanatic


Gram said...

Liking these pictures. Real life in an ordinary kind of way is always best. But that Girl of yours. WOW. Not one bit ordinary!! She has a WOW factor. Giggling at your dreams.

elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, I thought Suvi was standing in mid-air at first!

When I was at Intel, I used to have dreams where I did something that I was supposed to do at work so I would wake up thinking it was done and eventually realize that it was not, in fact, done at all. It was very disconcerting because it seemed so real.

Now, mostly I dream about being a spy or something equally fantasy/fantastical so I can be pretty sure it's not a vision no matter how realistic it seems. Hehe.

MindiJo said...

the precariously balanced window washer. in skinny jeans. OH FOR CUTE!!!!! I just love your beautiful, beeee-you-teee-ful kids.