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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

High on Hairspray

Last night I hosted my friends at my work place: 1st Annual Hair*Do Palooza. Eight were able to make it, and as much as I wished the others could have come, too, it was the perfect amount of fun/work for me.  I did updos for a solid 2 hours.  They were not sleep-in sturdy, but it was fun to put a little teasing and pouf into the hair of my pals.
i found this drawing on google to use as a template for the stitching on one of the chair covers.

for the chair covers, i used a sheet, an apron, a t-shirt (kitty), denim with triangles that matched the banner, and a bedskirt (white & orange). you can see a little bit of color at the top of the front window- felt hearts i had picked up from Christmas clearance a few years ago.
these straws (found here) were part of what prompted me to plan a party. i simply had to find a reason to order them!
so good to see you, girls!


elizabeth said...

Those straws look like a perfect party reason to me, too! I bought some from New Seasons one summer that were red-white striped. I had to have them. They were so spring-like. It felt like a party every time I used one.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun!


MindiJo said...

Oooh. Love the straws. And love your hair-a-palooza. Lucky friends you have.