LOVE has come for you.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hurts Donut

cake donut
chocolate glaze
raised glazed
jelly filled
creme filled
punch in the gut
--hurts, don't it?

often on a saturday MOE will bring me a bavarian cream long john from this place.

sometimes my heart aches for the struggle of a young person, and it burns with the pain that clouds her vision.  i think it's time for some beehive for health. time for prayer--for wisdom and for change and strength to see the value of humility. forgiveness and grace.  please know, my darling, every single person is a work-in-progress.  we know your intentions are only the best, and we are here to help you. let us help. we love you. we do!!  love hurts, don't it?


Brita said...

Oh my gosh, that baby singing is the cutest thing ever.

MindiJo said...

Life hurts, don't it? Not mostly, thankfully.