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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My sink is a disaster.

We have had a bathroom project going on for a few days over a week. Part of that involves redoing the flooring, a great deal of learning through experience (making mistakes), supporting Home Depot, and a dusty messy house. I don't understand why the debris of a project tends to make everyday mess expand to three times it's usual amount. Or why the broom is broken.

I started to pick-up the living room so that I can vacuum. Somehow that prompted me to empty and sort the front closet. Now I have a spot for the vacuum, once there is enough crap put away in that living room. But now I have all these shoes to put away (the closet will no longer be housing them) on the back room rack. The back room/dining room is a total mess with kid papers, project tools, wardrobe changes, and dirt. So if I can use the broom to sweep the floor and pull out all the extra stuff from under the table, I can easily set the former front closet shoes on the back room rack. The broom is broken!

I searched for my hot glue gun for 5 minutes, plugged it in at the kitchen sink, which is the host to every single dish and 74% of the silverware we own. There is plenty to do, and it was overwhelming me to such a great extent, I took my iPad to our "library" for peace and quiet and a bit of a vent.

I've concocted a plan...put the baby to bed, put the 5 year old on the iPad, fix the broom, and set the timer for ten minutes to clean up the dining room. It will work....the timer always works! I will leave the sink for last ;)


Anonymous said...

I work best under pressure too! Funny how easy it is to be distracted by mess in yet another corner ~ I'll start by attacking the mess on the counter, find a letter that needs to be answered or a bill that needs to be paid, go to find a pen, start to clean the junk drawer..... the timer works every time.

Love, "B"'s sister "S"

MindiJo said...

Oh, yes. I can relate to this. The ADD type organizing. You know, changing focus mid-task? I work well on a time crunch, too. I never tried a timer. I love it.

ethiopifinn said...

Hi, S!
Yes, it can be a crazy train if we don't set the timer over here!
And, I never did get those dishes done. I had to go to work with wet hair even. Good thing for gel and waves and scrunching. I came home to find the floor nearly done!