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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Theo had a concert today. It was all three kindergarten classes + the first graders. So, so cute.  The Music Specialist is going to be gone for two years, so Suvi won't get to start her school career with him.  Lucky for Theo!

It was a story about how the Wolf was framed to look like the Big Bad Wolf.

He was just going to ask his neighbors--the three little pigs--for a cup of sugar to bake a cake for Grandma. Grandma, who was Hungry Like a Wolf!

But the house of Hay and the House of Styx fell down when the Wolf sneezed, so he went to the third little Piggie's house. You know, It's a Brick....House!  

Here's Theo with his best buddy.


mella said...

Love that Theo is involved in theatre! looks fun. and that he already has a best buddy. cool!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I always get choked up with those Kindergarden programs. They show you just how much our little guys have gained confidence : )


Anonymous said...

~ann b.

Gram said...

LOVE programs. Love the theme here too and the proud smiles. Ours this year was all about save the earth, I prefer fun nonsense for kids but they sang their hearts out nonetheless.