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Friday, May 31, 2013

Nostalgia lies between us

What is it about longing for days gone by that clouds and blurs my mind's photo files?
How can I lean into the past with full confidence that these dreamy memories will sustain, if only I could have one more day from Then?
My memory lies to me in this aspartame haze, brazen untruths of my reality.
Oh how high was that angst and constant questioning of each unsure and reckless step.
Yes, yes, I do certainly know there were moments of wonder and light. But it cannot compare to the weightless joy in my singing heart with the bouncing sweet legs of my daughter over my own.
There is a Then that was, but now is the Then that is, that sings. 

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Julie said...

What a perfect way to describe the wisdom that only comes with tears and age. :)