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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Between noon & midnight

Everybody is good at something. I, for example, am really good at a) ignoring being tired at midnight & b) complaining about being tired at noon. Also, I am good at keeping these two things separate so as not to draw conclusions from nor theorize any cause/effect relationships. Absolutely unrelated.

Meanwhile, I've also decided that for myself, web surfing, televisioning, reading, baking, poeticizing, photographing...these activities are equal in value. They are meant to occupy my mind and hands between the moments of living life out loud. Between the conversations, congregating, connections. Between the learning and loving. The between time is like the opening credits, the advert can be skipped in 4 seconds, the prologue!

With that, I bid you goodnight. Happy Relating!

I Love Youse!

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