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Friday, August 30, 2013

Luckiest Kid In School

Theo met his teacher today. So far, I love her. He was happy to meet her, thrilled to discover some of his friends from kindergarten will be in his class. He said, "I am so excited I could explode right now." 

Seriously cute. I am absolutely thrilled that my kids are excited to start school. It was not the case when I was in school. Major anxiety and shyness. It just dawned on me that I probably should have waited a year to start kindergarten, because my birthday is in July (and i am still very immature. haha) I'll keep that in mind when it's Judah's turn. For now, we have an excited first grader and an excited kindergartener. Yeehaw!


MindiJo said...

I'm so excited to be on a schedule and have a clean(er) house, that I could explode!

Anonymous said...

Our kids don't even start until this THURSDAY!!

I am looking forward to the quiet once again.


Julie said...

We'll have two in school over here, too. Ack! I'm looking forward to organizing but I'm going to miss those little guys.