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Monday, January 20, 2014


...it leads to disappointment.

To celebrate our anniversary, I made a lemon cake from a box. The kids were looking forward to eating it as much as I was. Suvi wanted to help me serve it; I asked her to take a picture with my phone. 
She wanted to use my camera, so with candles a-lit, pushed too far down in the cake, I was begrudgingly helping her pull my camera out. She, whining and stomping her feet, wouldn't take a photo of Habtamu and me with the cake. At the same time, Theo was trying to blow out the candles. It was too much chaos for me, and I turned around on my heel. "Just forget it! We don't need a cake anyways." 
I slapped the cake on the kitchen counter, removed the candles, and over both the boys crying, I hollered, "I meant PICTURE!" as I started slicing the dangnab lemon cake I'd been craving for over 24 hours.
My husband came in the kitchen, confused, understandably; I was ranting about cooperation and who knows what else. I gave him three bowls and stomped off down to start a load of crabby laundry. Sigh.
He and I just talked it out-tears streaming down my face. It was my expectations of a Hallmark moment gone sour. The Habinator had no clue what was really happening and suddenly all the kids were bawling. It seems so silly that I got so very upset to not get my picture taken. Ah well. Live and learn.
And lemon cake.
Happy Anniversary, Sugar Booger!


Jan said...

All too familiar of a scene.

Anonymous said...

Love you, Mama. Had a few similar scenarios here, lately, as well. Chalk it up to a long winter??
~ann b.

Emily said...

expectations... I would be the happiest gal if I could get rid of mine. Happy belated Anniversary to you and your handsome man!

Jan said...

Have you noticed the quote I have on my blog? Sorta sums it up, I think.

"What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be."

Happy Anniversary, and a great year to you both!