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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blink, Blink.

After each of my babies there have been some weird things that I do. Most likely these unusual behaviors are due to the sleep deprivation that parents of newborns experience. Sometimes I forget to return a phone call, or 7 phone calls, or leave items at work at the end of my night (phone charger, notebook, soda), forget to pay a bill. These are inconvenient mistakes because I am tired; I'm using my energy for feeding this baby, his sibs, folding the laundry & getting the lint out of his little creases.
Russell was Baptized this morning. As the minister was filling out the info for his little certificate, there was a big pause when he asked who are Russell's sponsors. "We don't have any yet."
Blink, blink. Crickets. "Okay...," Paul said, moving on to the next thing. It makes me want to roar! I'm sure he was wondering how we came to the Baptism of our 3 month old with no God-parents in mind. Ach. I just can't decide. I'm taking applications, if you are interested in the position, I'll look over your credentials.
This is not a flattering photo of me, but it's pretty much the truth of how I look these days ;)


Sharyn said...

I adore you.

For Allan's baptism, our minister (Allan's great uncle on my husband's side) said - whew, he's gonna be a tough kid. That was the coldest water I ever baptized someone with.


Anonymous said...

I chuckled when I read this. I feel your pain. Baby Brain was so foggy and confusing for me.

and---I still have it! ha ha!


Elizabeth Halt said...

Oh my goodness. Sleep deprivation is the worst. I think new mothers should get a grace period on weird mistakes for the rest of their children's lives.

Gram said...

Susan's baptism (at home)...I brought her from the crib to the minister & sponsors, all standing & ready. She was in her t-shirt & dipes. Forgot to put the christening gown on her.

MindiJo said...

Yeah, I know. We picked out Izzy's godparents, but forgot to ask them. Whatever. It's cool.