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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time to take my temperature

Over the years, I've used this place to share my struggles with depression and anxiety. Today, as I was washing the tray on my dish drain, I realized, "hey, I'm washing this thing because I noticed it needed washing!"
You know, that kind of every-day thing was so difficult even 2 years ago. We had a clear dish drain tray. It had a lot of build up from our hard water. My husband wanted to pick up a new one, but I put up a big fuss. I did NOT WANT a new one. And I really couldn't keep the one we had clean anymore. I was emotionally attached to the dish drain tray. THE DISH DRAIN TRAY, you guys. Eventually I got a new, white tray. I clean it on a regular basis. And by 'regular' I mean quarterly.
I'm still a terr'ble house keeper. 
Thankful for regular, for quarterly, for walking out of the fog.

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