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Thursday, December 17, 2015

V cut

Today I put a fountain pop in my purse. 

In the evening, I cut a v in my finger during a haircut. I was really warm and it was distracting me from the long to short cut I was working on. After I knicked my finger with the shears, I got a bandage, took off my sweater (immodest tank exposed!), spilled water on my phone + desk, and found a piece of gum. Cooling off + chewing peppermint gum helped me regain focus. My client let me cut 10-12 inches from her hair. It was great fun to see the new style reveal itself. She looked younger by 10 years. At least!

I'm sure there were plenty of other ditzy moments in between the forgotten fountain pop tipping in my purse and spilling water on my phone (it's fine-I'm using it right now!), but I'm happy my day turned around. 

Tomorrow will be clearer with more rest. Good night!

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