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Friday, August 8, 2008

cafe and friday

The 8-4 kid said, "Suvi's gonna eat in your cafe?"When I refer to nursing at work, I usually say "eating at Mom's cafe". Today I used the phrase at home, and a little while later while Suvi was being fed A came up with that question!

We had a nice afternoon with my childhood friends and their children. Yes, it was a perfect day for a Backyard Carnival-- fishing, farm yard bean bag toss, bowling, bouncy castle, summer food and lots of rosy cheeks. I hope Theo and Suvi will refer to these kids the same way in 20 years, or so.


Elizabeth said...

sounds like a very fun day.

I like your choice of phrasing. :)

nan said...

It looks like a fun day. Look at all the little kids how crazy and fun!! I LOVE the cafe story!! as long as the other kids don't want to eat at the cafe also!!! Nancy

Suz said...

HEY Elbo! Wow. You have beautiful children. SO fun to "reconneect"! Email me...

Heli said...

Looks like a fun day:)
Cute kids:)

Pete said...

Hello! It looks like you had a wonderful day! I was clicking through the blogs of people I know and found your blog! Your kids are quite cute! Have a great day!

Heidi L (formerly from MN)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Hey!! I just clicked over from Suz's blog. Your writing is like listening to you talk. Your kids are adorable! How are you?! :)

Love the 'Mom's Cafe' bit! Lol.

~ Jennifer