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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old made New

contemplative, pre-bang removal self portrait with my happy birthday phone

I thought I might just visit my own blog tonight while my family sleeps, and see if any inspiration would light my fingertips to compose a post. I found a dear ol' pal had bumped into my blog, so I looked at hers. And "Our Life" led me to some other friends that time has separated from my everyday thoughts. I am so happy to have been able to peek into their lives. I hope that those friendships can be tended once again! We were silly girls staying up late, driving around listening to music, laughing together in those days. I am enjoying the memories rolling through my mind. wow.


Suz said...

I know, it's awesome isn't it??? But, "true" friends always pick up where they left off...:)

Suz said...

DARLING haircut by the way!!

Elizabeth said...

I agree. It is fun to "see" friends again, even if it is only via the internet. :-)

ethiopifinn said...