LOVE has come for you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It was fun to read all the comments about my imperfection! We can surely all relate to having a spot, or blinking red exclamation in my case. Its getting better. I have started ignoring my little red friend and it doesn't hurt anymore. The other photo was from my happy birthday phone. Here is a better look.

Theo is still fascinated with Mommy's Owie. He was connecting the spots while sitting in my lap tonight. Oh! When I come in the door after work, he always greets me with a "Hello." (Its a joy for me to hear.) He tells me about his evening with Dad and Suvi (he knows what he means, and I nod and say "wow"). Suvi gives a huge grin. I begin to relax. We sit hip to hip juggling our babies. Habtamu and I try to remember the highlights of our day apart: Wells Fargo/The Kids and Salon/The Kids- we try to connect the dots.


Laura said...

Ah, so Theo knows what it's like to walk in his momma's shoes. Sorry, couldn't resist.


Jen H. said...

There's nothing better than a greeting from your children after you have been away for awhile!

Elizabeth said...

hey Theo, your shoes are on backwards!