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Monday, September 22, 2008


I almost didn't go to the grocery store today, because the huge blemish on my face, and its large friend, were striking a chord of discord between my sensibility and my apparent sensitivity. It is uncomfortable, especially since I was naughty and paid it a bit too much attention this morning, slightly painful. Its irritated and irritating and obvious. Theo said many times, "Mommy owie. Owie." As I moved through the store I became less self-conscious and filled my cart with things from the list, and things from the want-not-need section labeled CLEARANCE. I was reminded of my ginormous spots again in the check out line. The woman in front of me (who we've seen recently somewhere else-middle of Ridgedale!) has a boy close in age to Theo, the singer. She looked up to comment about his song. She did a double take and couldn't make eye contact. I wanted to say, "Its not catchy." Oh well. At least my babies love me AND my ruby owies.


Elizabeth said...

just remember that "beauty is only skin deep" is wrong, and it should be "true beauty is below the surface", below the spots as it were. :-)

I can barely see the spots - it's a good thing you pointed at them, LOL.

Jan said...

yesterday a stranger asked me (more like she was trying to affirm) if I was pregnant.
I felt like yelling- but I said "no"- I told her I am losing weight. Okay- I have lost over 25lbs, am in shape, and yes, I still do have a paunch. Always have, probably always will. Why do people have to ask if I am pregnant??????
I think its worse than spots, the spots will go away a lot sooner! : )
so I am empathetic. And I have not even talked about my gimpy face. (from Bells Palsy.)

Jen H. said...

seeee, that is why you need to move to the goob. Why in fact just today I ran to the store without even combing my hair--and no one even flinched!

MarcsMess said...

It's NOT FAIR!!!! Isn't 30 the magic number where we no longer have to have those teenage angsts???
I have been naughty too......but, instead I beg to pick at my teen boys blemishes. Yuk! They get SOOO mad. It's a good way to spend QUALITY TIME with them........LOL!!!!!!


Laura said...

Those suckers, they pop up in the most inconvenient places. What do they want? What is their purpose? Wouldn't you think, after years and years of unwant and prejudice and downright hate, wouldn't they just go away? No, do you know why? They are attention whores.

Elizabeth said...

to jen's point - or you could move to Oregon. I go to the store all the time without combing my hair. Come to think of it, I've gone to work without combing it either. I figure what's the point when it's in a pony tail anyway, LOL. I suppose people could be giggling at me behind my back but I cannot hear them (I am not sure my hearing is all there but still ..)