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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Theo has now joined the ranks of mural artists, or taggers. He found the perfect size pencil and went to work on the bathroom door and small section of wall in the corridor. The pencil is from Ikea, and we haven't been there since before Suvi was born. Weird.

We had another Sweden related event in our home on Friday. Our dear friend is here for a few weeks. Welcome, brother J!


Laura said...

A few things:

Corridor - in your head, do you say this with an English accent? I do.

Pencils from IKEA are the best - especially for little mural drawing hands.

I'm 3/8 Swedish!

ethiopifinn said...

Lor, Hab uses that word, so I hear it with his accent!
3/8 is nothing to sneeze at.

MG said...

Where will the next 'mural' be....I am guessing there might be another. I enjoy your blog, finally got on here.