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Sunday, September 7, 2008


"When I was a young girl... nananananannannananaaaa..."

I didn't find hair on my chinny, chin-chin. Anyhoo...

Habtamu is watching football. I can see the reflection of the tele in the computer tower and I am totally distracted. I can't seem to turn around and watch, or take my hands of the keyboard. I think I need some of the healing flow of words clickety clacking off my fingertips. I love my hubby. There is so much self talk, deflating, demeaning, depressing, defining, deafening talk inside my head. It's a wonder that that menacing voice can be quieted for decisions and delight to bounce about. He doesn't hear all that talk, but sometimes he tries to adjust the antenna for less static.


Jan said...

Glad he quiets the bad self talk for you. Is this blog therapy for you? or is that the goal?

Laura said...

You should do a weekly Sunday blog.

Elizabeth said...

I notice that I don't hear that kind of demeaning self-talk really at all anymore, but I have no idea why. It seems to have vanished with the age. I'm glad Habtamu helps quiet it for you.

ethiopifinn said...

these thoughts don't plague me constantly. mostly i am a satisfied customer.
js. I don't know if this is therapy for me. I really just bumped into blogging quite recently, and I guess whatever is on my mind at the moment qualifies for a post. My goal was to try something new.
lb. elaborate, please. :)
eh. yes, thanks. I think that sleep deprivation is a major source of that ill feeling line of thoughts.