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Monday, November 3, 2008

Except for Monday

The only piece of mail we received today was some anti-Al Franken flyer. Really? I am going to be relieved to vote tomorrow. I don't care who you vote for, or why. That is none of my concern. Just exercise your stinkin' right to vote because I know there are too many places in the world where the votes are corrupted, and other places where would-be voters just don't count. You can vote. But keep it to yourself in my company, please. I don't care why Al Franken is the Best or The Enemy.
In other news, I am still intoxicated with three of my life "items:" a) Autumn, b) Hubbinator, and c) Kidletts.
Here they are!

guess who cleaned the fridge, since he was home today?

theo has ear infections, but it is warm and lovely today, so we had to go out and enjoy it.

look at those lips! love babes in blue jeans! already trying to escape.


Elizabeth said...

what a cute little striped Theo

MindiJo said...

Those are fantastic "items" to be in love with.

Elizabeth said...

I keep forgetting to tell you that this post got the "Except for Monday" song in my head and it will not leave. :)

"Except for Monday which was never good anyway.
Tuesday I get a little sideways.
Wednesday I feel better just for spite.
Thursday, Friday take too long.
Before I know it, Saturday's gone.
But it's Sunday now and you can get that I'm all right."

I hadn't heard that song in years, so cannot remember who sings it ..

ethiopifinn said...

E, that song was in my head, and writing it got it out, but now its back in. Thank you.
M, right?

Elizabeth said...


how about

"You are my sunshine .. my only sunshine .."


Jen H. said...

e-i-e-i-o. There I got it out. This is the "stuck in my head" song depository, right?

Jen H. said...

My almost five month old pulls that "escape" move every single time that I try to put her in her carseat...

Becca said...

Hi Jen...just stumbled across your blog recently and thought..."Hey! I used to know her." so now I'm saying "hi". Dunno if you remember me or not....I used to have Jen H's last name. BTW your kids are adorable....life looks good! ;)

Cyndi said...

Your blog makes me smile :) I love your happiness