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Friday, November 7, 2008

before it snows

I just want to get outside as much as we can before it snows. Well, it snowed today, but I mean really snows, so that we have to wear a lot of clothes. Just takes so long to get out the door.


Elizabeth said...

I love the composition on that photo of Theo!

s*** !!!

see, I cannot even say the word


Heli said...

Fun photoes:)
We haven`t got any snow yet, in Oulu it snowed last week.
Now the weather is little warmer...

ethiopifinn said...

e- thank you ma'am. and there are flakes in the air again this morning. yikes!
h- thanks! Suvin karkki hattu on ollut perfect in this cool fall weather (although she didn't have it on this day)

Laura said...

I love the reflection of momma in the window looking a baby Suvi.