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Saturday, November 8, 2008

My cooking needs...

Can you guess what this was?

Last night I was making dinner and doing laundry. Usually this works well; Habtamu runs interference with the kids, I get a little break, we get to eat a meal together (I don't work Friday evenings). Usually I set a timer. I roasted the carrots and potatoes (tossed in Tuscan dressing and sea salt). Charred them, actually. It reminded my husband of the time I forgot about the tater tots (back in our apartment days, before kids). They looked like pieces of charcoal. I saved them in a plastic container until we moved from the apartment to the house. We ate toast with our meatloaf last night, no veggies at all.

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Elizabeth said...

mostly I like my veggies on the charred side - I've ruined a pan or two getting steamed broccoli just the way I like it, LOL - but that may be a bit too charred for even me. :)