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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ready for change?

Theo was drawn to Obama all throughout the campaign. He's been pointing out Obama whenever he spots him. This flyer came with a bunch of other political party flyers, but Theo liked this one. We were watching the votes came in, and our boy apparently knew how the election would turn out!

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Elizabeth said...

I knew I loved Theo. ;)

I am not so much passionate from the party perspective - I'm actually registered Independent and will vote for the person I feel aligns more closely with the causes I care about. It's just that it usually happens more with one party than the other.

But I do understand how you feel, though I am sure you feel it much more strongly than I. I think about what the posters and images of the presidents will look like once they're updated with our 44th, and what that will mean, and I get all choked up.