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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fair ups.

To be sure Suvi gets her share of the bloglight, here she is fresh and clean in her robe. This robe is not at all practical, but it sure makes for fun pictures. There is a great shot of her from the back- Daddy was carrying her- but I'll save her the teenage embarrassment, and "Mom you're so mean" amo.

She really wanted to eat my I Voted sticker (notice her slobbery mark on my sweater), but I didn't want to share.


Jen H. said...

There's nothing better than a freshly bathed babe. I agree with the robe thing. I have a couple of them that I never use, but they are darn cute.

Elizabeth said...

I love that robe on her! It reminds me of my robe - not at all practical, but very cute and plushy. One tie around the waist does not make for a very practical robe for anyone; well, at least not for me and Suvi. :)

MarcsMess said...

I LOVE that clean baby smell.......OK, I even love the little-bit-spit-up smell.

She is SO darling. And the robe, peek-a-boo! LOL


Joni said...

I love your wall colors! and the subjects of the photos are darn cute too.