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Sunday, November 9, 2008

happy birthday, mama.

Today my lovely Mother had her 75th birthday.

I think she has always had a playful heart.

Plus, she makes great bread and really yummy lasagna.


Laura said...

Aw! Look at your momma!
Happy birthday, Marilyn!

Jan said...

I love that picture! and Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Elizabeth said...

great photo!

happy birthday to your mom!

Heli said...

Onnea äidillesi!
Vanhat valokuvat ovat hienoja!

MarcsMess said...

i don't know your Mom but if she could have a sweet daughter like you, she must be a good lady.

Happy 75th Birthday Jen's-Mom!


Annd H said...

Tell your Mom Happy 75th birthday! I stumbled on your blog through my daughter Jen's. It took me awhile to figure out who was ethiopifinn. I kept forgetting to ask Jen. Then I guessed it HAD to be one of Marilyn E's daughter's. Your Mom worked in my wedding, (I just came upon a picture recently) and she was a friend of my Mom's when they lived near you guys. (Actually, I'm sure she still is, a friend, that is.) Love the picture.

Joni said...

I love your mom in this picture, that smile is the best. And the headwrap (don't know how to spell that other huevie word). I miss her too!