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Friday, January 2, 2009


Once I peel off those MAC lashes, it's back to stubby naturals to do the job of protecting my eyes. But I do love long false flirty lashes. I wear them when I am feeling self-indulgent, or when the guilt of taking care of myself ebbs enough to jazz myself up. I like to wear them when I feel that need for something extra (special? hmm. just extra). I wore 2 different sets in the last week. Sigh... something is still missing. It is the passion. NPR had a great program at some point after Christmas (but the exact day escapes me. New Year's Eve?) The time of day and even the particular program details aren't important, it was the energy and the passion that were so memorable. A man was receiving recognition for his work (some kind of recordings, maybe?), and the audience of his peers, and it sounded like peeps, cheered and whistled and clapped to celebrate his accomplishment. I want that. Not the hoots and hollers for a stellar color or magnificent brow shape, but the camaraderie. The salon where I exhibit my skills (and sometimes encounter learning opportunities, heh) has just one employee. So it is me and the boss stylin' it up over there. I miss working with women (my boss is great, but I need some girls, too) and being able to hash over a salon event (crazy clients, wacko home color jobs, demanding bang people) and getting excited about new trends in color and style changes. I want to celebrate a great color and talk about formulas, styling products to scream over, and enjoying being a positive force together. Just the two of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us... MOE and I are planning to attend a class in August (it was scheduled for February, and pushed back). Looking forward to learning more about my work!!!! Thanks JS, oh, make that JJ for the encouragement to touch on salon life. I've started other entries, but they didn't flow. Hopefully I'll find a way to share some of the stories that hatch in our sweet little parlor! Until then, look for me at the lash counter (I'm the one with the fab lashes, no make-up and the double stroller! LOL!)

I just love how the color of these grasses/weeds is fading as winter progresses. This is the South side of our garage. Yes, we really are fancy.


Laura Jean said...

Making my blog rounds here. :)

I used to work at a salon where there were 10 stylists- I totally get that girl commadorie (sp?) bit! I was the massage therapist, but I actually learned quite a bit about hair and joined in on celebrating great color and cuts, and the stories of the nightmare clients- :D Also, many of my clients were also stylists clients, so when they were pleased with their massages they told the stylists, so I got that pat on the back also. Of course, with that commadorie, you have A LOT of drama. Oh, the drama- I don't miss that! But the break room chat trumped the back-stabbing. I miss my salon girls like crazy! ...okay, I'm babbling. -sigh- If only I wasn't banned. :P

Elizabeth said...

I like the look of long flirty lashes, but I have a feeling that if I tried the false variety, I'd feel like I had a spider on top of my eye, LOL.

I'd love to hear your salon stories. Every time I visit my stylist, I learn new things about hair; her passion for her work is so very contagious.

MindiJo said...

What? No pictures of the long lashes? Seriously? That's like hearing all about a fabulous cheesecake and not getting a taste. Not fair. I always wanted fake lashes, but I hear they are spendy.

ethiopifinn said...

laura-- the drama (and my established clientele) are what keep me at my current salon. it is a really positive environment, and i don't do well when people are gossip prone.
lib-they DO feel like spiders at first. but my eyes get used to the lashes in a matter of minutes.
mindi...oops. i meant to post the lash photos. the pic of habtamu and me is old, but i like that one. even false lashes can be swallowed by my finnish eye lids!!!! :)

MindiJo said...

Wow! You look amazing in that picture. Thanks for sharing the lashes!

Laura said...


I miss the back room talks and the daily creativity either by my self or the others around me.

I miss working with women.

I miss the complements as an awesome updo walks out the door.

I miss watching others sculpt.

But not enough to go back full time! :)

ethiopifinn said...

and not enough to live in your car. :)

Jen H. said...

I need some style...do you make house calls?!

Jan said...

When I worked as a graphic designer back then before I was married, it was just me and my boss. The worst part of the job was not having coworkers. Plus I was a bit more reserved then around my boss than I would be now, so it wasn't such a fun office atmosphere as I would have liked! Not so many office jokes, etc.
Thanks for letting us in on life in the salon- how about some photos of the place? Glimpses even.

Anonymous said...

Finnish Eyelids??? I didn't know there was a name for these. Thanks. I learn something new every day.

You always make me smile.


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love your posts, they always make me smile! I'd love to see more pictures, too. And, echoing other's comments, I'd love to hear more salon stories. I imagine you have a few!

Anonymous said...

I must have Finnish eyelids too... pretty sad that all my kids have longer lashes than I do. ;)

This was a fun post. :) - Ang

Julie L. said...

I have to pop on here- I got a good laugh at the finnish eyelids thing- I totally have those... and my lids get shorter and shorter every year..lol... I never connected it to my heredity though... just getting older.