LOVE has come for you.

Friday, January 30, 2009


sometimes there is nothing sweeter than talking with a friend. a friend who has known you nearly half your life. she's cried on your shoulder and made you laugh through your own tears. she's gotten into trouble with you, in spite of you, instead of you. she stayed the course through your darkest storms, and shut the curtains when the sun shone too bright. she knows you, faults and all the strangest bits, and appreciates the spectrum. she cares enough to tend your relationship when you feel to weak, and listens when you are so happy and relieved you can hardly pause to let her speak. she is wonderful and sincere, imperfect and pure. she should feel my gratitude on this chilly day, in a quick hug, and a second floor screaming child wave good-bye. i feel renewed!


Anonymous said...

i love you, too.
~ann b.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you feel renewed. She sounds like a wonderful friend. :)

MindiJo said...

Ahh, now why did you have to go and post this? Right when I was wishing for a friend who has known me for so long that I can completely be myself around? My eyes have extra moisture now.
That's the hardest part about being somewhere new. You forget how wonderful it is to have "old" friends around.

ethiopifinn said...

mindi- it *is* hard to be away from those dearest friends, especially when one or the other is suffering, but it is good to have friends so dear you feel their pain from across the country, and whom you love so well it hurts to miss them. i didn't know the funeral was today until it was too late (sorry to assume that is part of your eye situation).