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Thursday, February 26, 2009

out of the box

there is no real reason a person should cry over diaper boxes in the recycle bin. but lets just say she went to the store with a few minor flakes of snow falling, and came out of the store 35 minutes later, kids in tow, to find her car under much snow cover. and lets just say that she couldn't see across the parking lot, and drove about 20 mph on the way home. and maybe it was such dreadful white-out conditions that she didn't see the road to make a left and go home, adding 2 miles of driving in the non-tree or building areas, since it was impossible to recognize the street. and so when she got home, safe and sound, found the good boxes in the snowy recycle bin (not to mention the box she just purchased to mail a gift was torn-for shame!) and she filled with an unrecognizable fire as she firmly pressed 3 to call her husband at work to scold him. there is no real reason she should cry when he called back to soothe her over the boxes. SNOW reason at all. :)


Elizabeth said...

oh, jen. *hugs*

when I had to drive in our awful winter storm, I sat in the car when I was finally home safe and SOBBED, like crazy awful gulping sobs. My poor mother had to listen to me because I called her to ask her a question pre-sob and she called back during-sob. It was not pretty. Driving in that kind of weather is not fun.

ethiopifinn said...

it is *not* fun, but i must be slightly under the mental weather, as there have been other box like, although less intense, events this week! lol. it is sometimes strange how we cope with stress.
thanks for the hug! it was EXACTLY what I needed :)

Confused Chaos said...

You've got a good hubinator! :)

Leanne said...

Relate. Relate, relate, relate. This winter is getting to all of us. :)

Jan said...

PMS? just asking.
Hey, it's okay. Winter gets to us.
Have you been exercising? maybe that would help ease you blues and stress. just a suggestion. Got a water aerobics class nearby? I love w.a. myself.
sending you some positive mental energy over the internet here... there, feel better?

Joni said...

Jenny I enjoyed your entry not because it was happy entertainment but because it was so well written that I felt your emotions way over here. And I've been in that spot too. I hope today is sunny and bright for you and full of JOY!

Leanne said...

PS I love this new blog layout, including the photo at the top. Happy sunshine, today! (me: ignoring both the snow *and* cold.)

Anonymous said...

dudette, the boxes in the recycling just took the cake. i'm with you on the (snow)bawling!
~ann b.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Aw man, we all have days like that! And driving on roads like that is so nerve-wracking--definitely doesn't help the emotions. Hope your day is going better!

Anonymous said...

Really. I am scared for you. I had an experience years ago that was similar. My 12 yr old nephew was with me. I didn't even realize I was cursing and praying in the same sentence until I saw his face.

When OH When will this winter be over????? It has been a long one.


MindiJo said...

Sooo glad to hear that you are a human wife and mother like the rest of us. Seriously. Your blog is always nothing but love for your hubinator and kids. It makes me feel inadequate when I do things such as this. I'm glad you do, too.
(((hugs))) to get you through your winter stresses.

MindiJo said...

And, hope you are feeling better. What a great husband to recognize what you really need instead of biting back.

Anonymous said...

nothing like a hubby who will take care of you and soothe your moments. even if he surely is thinking "what a nut". I'm certain those are the thoughts of mine, although he never tells me.

ethiopifinn said...

MINDI! You make me laugh! of course, i am psycho most of the time, and just appear here in my better moments. lol. i do like to focus on the positive, but i gotta keep it real. first he told me not to call him at work with that kind of thing. which is right, but not what i wanted to hear. then he realized what i needed and called me back. he's real to, hey? :) he takes very good care of me.
jan: there may be some hormonal contribution, but postms. lol. womanhood aint pretty sometimes.
leanne-thanks i like this better-for now!
And all, love the sunshine that followed the storm. life symetry?