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Friday, February 20, 2009

Salon stuff

all from my phone...part of the charm, right?!
from the top:
  1. left)at the desk. boss has a lovely client from england who makes these valentine's. there are 5. right) we rarely have the date right. the mirror for one last chance to admire our work before you go
  2. l)we are eco friendly--we get our towels from the thrifty across the street. r)our backroom is actually a closet with a sink
  3. l)An amaryllis--a gift to MOE from one of "his ladies" r)walking in our door the retail, curtain, manicure table & pedi chair (shampoo bowls are opposite the retail shelves)
  4. l) sitting at the manicure table, with the whole of the salon behind me-- MOE with a guest r)sitting in the same place, with curtain down, facing toward the front of the salon


Laura Jean said...

Q: What brand nail polish do you use?
Q: What brand coloring do you use?
Q: What retail products do you sell? (Did I see Grund)

I'm no hair stylist by a long mile, but I'm always very interested in the different products salons choose to use and why. Odd questions? Yes, I know, I'm odd.

ethiopifinn said...

1. opi, but i do about 6 nail services a year
2. artego
3. Yes, Grund. some Redken, hydrate by Pureology.
4. not odd if you've worked in the biz

Jan said...

Fun to take a peek at your salon!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, I was made to be beautiful there once upon a time.


Becca said...

Jenny, have you read Kabul Beauty School? I'm reading it now and was reminded of you...good book! ;)