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Sunday, March 8, 2009

back to reality

tonight i had a lovely time in the kitchen.

while i was brewing up my spinach and carrot brownies, i decided to make some butternut squash, spinach, carrot lasagna, but i was out of cheese.

i went to the grocery store alone and i enjoyed it.

this was perhaps the 4th solo trip to the grocery since theo was born. the other times i felt torn and weird not to have him and later them in the cart. not tonight. and the clerk was an awesome packer. i unload my cart in the order i want the stuff to go in the bag (i enjoy a well packed grocery bag, luggage, car, pair of jeans, but that is a different kind of packed). i bring my own bags, and i don't usually have good luck with the clerks who load my goods into my shopping bags. yes, i rearrange the bags before i exit the store, but after i've moved away from the check-out. this young girl was a perfect packer PLUS she has a really cute hair cut. and i told her so.


i was sort of chuckling to myself as i was pulling out of my parking spot, and called De to giggle over this change in my life. i am now officially one of those women who declares the grocery store as her me time location. i don't know how this happened to me, but i will embrace it. we had a quick little catch-up chat, and she cracked me up with her wild adventures. (i really miss her, but i am glad she lives in a climate where she can be appropriately dressed in all seasons.)
as i walked into the house, there was the usual noise. (i think suvi will be a singer because she's got a great set of lungs.) my sauce had splattered all over the stove. the kids were all fired up--they love to play with dad.. (oh! suvi took about 5 steps. this means a whole new level of mischief will ensue)
i just smiled a true, cup runneth o'er smile as i was washing up the stove top, high from my shopping vacation, humored by my sweet friend, and called by and to my dear family. who knew groceries could be so fulfilling!!!!!

the lasagna is delicious, by the way.


Elizabeth said...

I think grocery shopping would have to be my me-time, because I enjoy it so much. I could wander through my grocery store (Whole Foods or the local version of Whole Foods) forever. And unless Atlas is waiting in the car, I usually do .. :)

your brownies sound interesting .. were they just typical brownies with veggies added?

Anonymous said...

Grocery store me time is heavenly, now ain't it? Who woulda thunk way back when, THAT would bring joy?


Jan said...

Amazing, isn't it. I rarely shop groceries with kids along. It just isn't worth it.
We gotta take our perks where we find them.

MindiJo said...

Dang it, Jenny. Many times when I read your blog, I think to myself- Now why didn't I think to blog about that? I can totally relate.

Grocery shopping is MY time. I love a good Saturday morning when I literally shop at 2 or 3 different stores.

Laura Jean said...

Brownies with spinach...as I said on FB, I will not judge...yet...nope. No judging. I'm sure Jessica Seinfield is a perfectly sane woman. ;D

Joni said...

So are these intriguing recipes thanks again to Mrs. Seinfeld? More veggies! Sounds great, I'm glad you've found joy in escaping to the grocery store alone. And I'm glad you have a home to come back to that makes you happy too. What a great balance, the leaving/coming home - isn't it?

ethiopifinn said...

maybe i'll post the recipe...with my changes, of course.
theo ate 2 brownies so far. mama like.

Leanne said...

I love quiet time. At the grocery store, or the library, or the bookstore, or the mall, or a coffee shop, or the laundromat...well, not the laundromat (I never go there). Anywhere. A busy momma will take what she can get and she'll come home just a smidge less frazzled. A smidge happier. Or in your case, it seems, more than a smidge. Good for you!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I'll join the chorus of "me too's"! I love my grocery shopping outings without the kids each week. It's such a treat!

It's so much easier to concentrate on sales and coupons without them. I also get my thrills by matching coupons with sales. So the whole thing is a fun game for me.

ethiopifinn said...

the funny part of that trip, is that i forgot more stuff without the kids, then i do with them. i had to go back on monday!

Confused Chaos said...

I had a dream last night that Suvi was walking! Weeeeeeird!

And cool: my word verification for this comment is "purses".

Cyndi said...

I enjoyed everything about this post. :) And on that note, with a smile on my face that I attribute to you... I'm going to bed.