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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Say More!!!!

I would like to hear more about your sister relationships! What is it with you older ones thinking, well, whatever it is you are thinking? And the youngest sisters, hello, you are my people!


Anonymous said...

Sisters. Hmmm.

Well, I boss the younger 2. You see, I have lived SO much more than them. And as for the the older 3.....well. They like to act as though I am still a whipper-snapper!

Seriously, It took a few years of having my own children before my older sisters and I were able to connect. It was our children who've brought us closer. Before that happened, we had years when I couldn't even LOOK at them! Jerks!
Now, I am glad that I have 5 sisters. I use each one for therapy. (5 days a week.....5 different therapists.....5 seperate opinions)
Really. I am past the angst of childhood. I think. Sisters can be mean! Did I ever tell you about the time.............


PS. Jenny, my mom's saying is "Family prepares you for the REAL world, because NOBODY will ever be as honest or as mean as your sibs."
Hang in there girl.

Laura Jean said...

I'm a little sister and a big sister. As an adult (I call myself one), our relationships have changed from when we were kids...obviously. My sisters are my best friends. Honest. I look up to my older sisters- and even to my first younger sister. We are all very different, I think, and I love that. Yeah, we don't always agree on everything, and sometimes (sometimes often) we drive each other crazy. But at the end of the day, there is nothing better than sitting our parent's living room laughing it up with my sisters. I talk to Leanne, um, probably every day. I call most of my other sister's often. We're all definitely in touch, and I think we all rely on each other. Oh, and this includes all my brother's wives- they are all awesome sister's as well.

I have one little sister. Well, two, but one that I still feel very protective of. I see a lot of myself in her and I talk to my mom about things that affected me in a negative way as a child, so that she can watch for these things with her. I don't want my little sister to have to go through some of the hardships I did as a teenager. So far, she seems pretty happy, so that's awesome, but I know I'll always be watching over her.

...I wonder if I made any sense at all...

Jan said...

Well, I told you all my sister issues already. I am the youngest. My 3 oldest sisters are grandmas now... we have such age gaps between us, we really are at different stages. I am thankful for my sister-in-law (well, all of them) but when my baby bro got married, I finally got a younger sister. I wonder if she thinks I boss her around?? Probably not, 'cause she's smarter than me anyways.

MindiJo said...

I love my sisters. I'll admit: they have all made me incredibly furious at some point in time. And I have done the same to them. But more often than not, we are the best of friends. I was blessed with the best sisters. Who else can "get" me like my sisters do? We understand each other and often think the same thing- bust out in song together. Something like that. We get along pretty well. However, we aren't too far apart in age. So that helps.

My oldest sister is wise. Although she sometimes worries over things she shouldn't worry over. Learned it from my mom, I guess. My younger sisters? Keep me young. I love them all for the different roles they play in my life.

Seriously, I love Bette's mom's saying. It's true. Although, my brothers gave me more grief than my sisters ever did.

Elizabeth said...

Sisters ..

I am the oldest sister, so whatever I think is clearly logical and sensible and wonderful and right. Clearly oldest = wisest, right?! ;)

Amy and I didn't become best friends until we were in college. We did not get along (and I was not very nice) until then. But she happens to be wiser and nicer than I, so I pretty much just give her love and support unless she asks for anything else. Laura doesn't talk to me - due in large part to me giving her my honest unsolicited opinion (in hindsight, I should have kept my thoughts to myself, no matter how well intentioned the message). I have since learned that advice is not particularly useful unless it's requested .. though I do give Helen lots of advice and suggestions, except it's not really advice because I don't really expect her to listen to any of it - I just like to tease her. And I am pretty sure that she thinks I'm slightly odd and doesn't take me seriously at all. :)

Leanne said...

Sure. I think hiding here in Jenny's blog I can talk about this. ;) Even though my sisters read this blog...I think.

I've been thinking and thinking about this one. I have five sisters and three sisters-in-law. I love them all. Do we all get along all of the time? Nope. We have some very strong opinions in our family. Contrasting opinions. Up until about five years ago, I would say my relationships with my sisters was fairly volatile. But we've all reached a point where we let things slide. We don't talk about some things...religion primarily...because it's too emotional. But we have come to a place of great respect. That is not a small thing. I *think* my sisters have learned to accept that I am different than they are. And even though I don't talk about my spiritual life in person, it doesn't mean I don't have a spiritual life. They recognize that in our family, it's better left undiscussed, but it does indeed exist. And I'm really grateful for that.

From a day-to-day standpoint, I would be lost without them. I talk to each of them freqently. They are there for me when I need cooking tips, or advice about parenting, or to vent. Or how much to price something for my garage sale (the regular question of the day)...

Good topic, Jenny!

Jen H. said...

I am lucky to have sisters. I just wished that they lived closer so that we could really fight like the old days!

Anonymous said...

The first comment says it all. BOSSY, BOSSY, BOSSY!

SISTERS can be the best or the worst thing for you. They are easy to always have as a security blanket but then you may never try things on your own.
I really depend on each of them for something different. I am so happy to have them all right here.( most of the time!)
With all of that said... they are my best friends!

Emily said...

I only have one sister and she holds a special spot in my heart. When we were children we weren't very close (might have something to do with the fact that she'd sit on me and pound on my chest), but once I graduated we became very close. She's my best friend and I can't imagine life without her. We aren't the type to fight and if we offend one another we let things roll off our backs pretty easily. She's the older, more rational, more sensible one. A steady presence in my life. Her family feels like a second family too me. Her hubby calls me his second wife (not always happily!). She's one of my biggest blessings. Now brothers on the other hand....

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...


Are everything.

My sisters and I fought like cats and dogs when we were kids but we all get along really well now. That doesn't mean we always agree on everything! We don't all live by each other but I talk to each of them often on the phone. And, I miss them.

There is a huge age gap between me and my youngest sisters but I feel like we all get along. I love talking to my high school/middle school sisters and seeing what they're up to. Keeping tabs on them and what they're up to means a lot to me.

I was VERY bossy when we were younger. I hope I'm not too bossy anymore! Only my sisters could answer that...!

My sisters have always been there for me. They're my greatest support team. My greatest therapists. And, they're always there when I have recipe questions or when I need crazy-mommy-day support, and venting sessions. It's the best feeling knowing I can call any of them at any time and vice versa.

Elizabeth said...

I must clarify my comment because Amy reminded me the other day that it was not that "we did not get along until college"; it was that I did not like her until college. She always liked me. No doubt true. As I said, she was always the nicer one. :)

ethiopifinn said...

elizabeth, you make me laugh. perception, right!

thanks to all who shared sisterly sentiments.

i have some stuff to unearth about my relationships with my sisters, but i am a little too fresh off an illumination to write about it now.
Ilumination? Not a conflict really, more of a highlight, or blinding spotlight, on the personality and perception differences between us.

Confused Chaos said...

I have a very unique relationship with the Libster. I am 19 years older. Being that we have the same birthday we have a special kind of bond. It's weird, sometimes I feel as though our souls match. I am really excited to see where our relationship goes as she grows.
She has told her mom, "I have three moms. You, Anita and Laura". Aw.