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Friday, May 29, 2009

Wake up call

Its not that I don't like waking up at 5:30, it is simply that I don't like staying awake for the day with such an early start time. My eyes feel sandy, lids heavy, squinty. My kids are still trying to figure out their sleep schedules after last weekend's up with the sun camping. They went to bed at more typical times last night, but they are both up and at 'em much earlier than usual. This is only problematic because their mother has a difficult time of adjusting to early rising. Seriously. How do people do this? I so sleepy...

And yesterday I was totally crabby and got mad at my sil for washing her coffee cup instead of leaving it for me to wash later with the other dishes. Truthfully. I said, running my hands through my hair "Ugh. Its so ANNOYING!" Then went to my room (Suvi following me with her cheery baby self. She totally knew I was stressed and didn't want to leave me alone to flop around in a puddle of pity. Suvi is so smart.) to hang my head in shame. I had to live with my obnoxiousness for 13 hours until sil came home from her day. Before she got back here I apologized via text. TEXT! I was dreading her return. I figured she'd be packing her bags and never speak to me again. Theo and I were busy coloring in the dining room when sil got home. Habtamu yelled out a warning from the living room (or maybe to tell Theo, more likely), so my sheepishness and nervousness culminated as I made my way to the living room. Sil laughed at me and she said, "I didn't even count that. I know you are stressed." I cried. I actually cried out of embarrassment and shame. At least she's not moving out.

Meanwhile, the kids are UP and I am really looking forward to nap time, and reacquainting myself with my pillow.


Anonymous said...

Lack of sleep totally makes me crazy. *sympathy* I was like that yesterday. Hollaring SHUT UP! at cute little girls squealing and having fun.


ethiopifinn said...

Good to know I'm not the only nut :)

Jen H. said...

I am very ugly on little sleep...just ask my kids and husband.

Confused Chaos said...

Silly girl :)
I panic if I know I'm not going to have enough sleep because I know it's going to be hell the next day.

Elizabeth said...

I am not good on little sleep.

Which is why I cannot figure out if the lines running across my computer are normal or in my imagination. They're grey and blurry and I just noticed them. Oh dear .. it may be an early bedtime tonight.

Joni said...

I need my sleep. I am a bear if I don't get it. And I tell myself not fight through the day without a nap because it's not fair to M. or C. It can't always happen, but I do my best! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one, sometimes I feel like a whiner when I talk about how I need my sleep (must talk about more than average since I don't get it most of the time...)
I hope the tears helped!

Jan said...

okay, but I can't understand about the coffee cup? she was saving you dishes? right?
...I know, nothing is rational on lack of sleep : )
I admire you for the apology. for me, it can be so tempting to let that slide.

ethiopifinn said...

No, it was NOT rational, but I have this thing about dishes. I prefer to save water and do them all at once, although one cup probably doesn't waste too much! It wasn't the cup so much, as the resistance to my plan. Its a cultural nuance that was rubbing me wrong on my lack of sleep :) It goes like this:
Her"Let me help."
Me "Thanks, but no."
Her "I can do it."
Me, "Yes, I know you can, but no
thank you."
Her "I will do it. I'm not
Me "No really. I'm good."
Her "Okay, but I can help you."

Funny stuff

Jan said...

so can you explain the cultural nuance more? the culture differences between groups interest me- especially in a situation like this.
So, in Ethiopia, what would the norm be?
and what other little social differences do you experience? just curious. (or have been frustrated by : )