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Monday, July 27, 2009


ready for something new?

what are you thinking about these days?

what up, homeslice?

i just finished reading Jonah's Gourd Vine by Zora Neale Hurston. amazing. have you read it? i tore threw it. read it in college, and it just resurfaced.


elizabeth said...

i'm ready for something old, i feel like all i've been doing lately is new and i need a rest :)

thinking about the second phase of my life, which will start in, oh, about nine months (hey, i just realized the coincidence - interesting!)

have not read it. have not read anything by her, i don't think. i am actually reading a few sophie kinsella books. i decided that i read too much non-fiction (even if it is fun for me) and need to read some short totally good-for-nothing-but-enjoyment books this summer. the problem is that it takes me like 5 minutes to read these kind of books and then i'm looking around again for something else ..

Anonymous said...

ready to spend a week at my mom and dad's! well, technically not ready, as i'm still doing laundry from camping.....but mentally, i am there.
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

I am ready for some Olive Garden. CRAVING it in fact. I wonder where I can get some?


ethiopifinn said...

e-confessions of a shopaholic, that was a fun little read. I am wondering what will happen in 9 mos, little caterpillar.

seriously, ann, how much time have you spent here this summer? just you n the kids this time?

b-i have a feeling you will be chowing down on a breadstick in about 72 hours.

Emily said...

I just finished a cozy quilt (the finishing part is new for me!). Jacob will be home in a few hours from a trip with his Grandparents to the U.P. The quilt is his surprise for when he gets home. Can't wait to see his face!

I'll have to read that book. I've been reading a ton this summer. Just finished Little White Lies that reminded me of the Shopaholic books. Made me laugh.

Olive Garden sounds good too. Even got a watery mouth. :)

Leanne said...

I'm reading this really cool book called, "I Who Never Knew Men." I'll blog about it when I'm done (hopefully tomorrow) because it's weird and facinating. Recommended by my cousin's girlfriend. Love it.

Not an olive garden fan, really. But I COULD use me some Macaroni Grill now that I think of it. That bread is amazing. OR that bread at Biaggi's with the Biaggi butter. YUM. Now I'm hungry for Italian!

Jan said...

thinking about homeschooling, flooring and trim. Looking at paint colors.

never read that book. will look into it. (check for it at library)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about feeling better. Yes I now have the flu. sick,sick,sick.
Did any of your crew every get it after you left?
I also am waiting for Friday!

Anonymous said...

So ready for something new in my life - just can't yet decide what it's going to be - maybe vacation will help decide.

I'm reading two books at the same time - both verify similar - middle aged women looking back on their lives......


Laura Jean said...

What's new with me??? I just drew a winner on my blog giveaway....Ethiopifinn, COME ON DOWN!!! YAY!!!!! You're the winner, chica!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats at winning at http://laurasramblingthoughts2.blogspot.com/

Deanna Granroth said...

Hey Homeslice, Had an awesome day with you :)


Confused Chaos said...

I should check that book out. I loved "Their Eyes Were Watching God" - one of my all time favs.
Love Kinsella books too!
I got sucked (no pun intended) into reading the Twilight Saga.
We'll get together soon.