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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

timing and help

It is rainy again today, and that just put me in the mood for muffins. I started pulling out my muffin baking options from the cupboards, but I need the step stool to really get a good view in there. It is jam packed and theoretically organized, nevertheless, I need a boost to look around in my stores. The stool was in the basement, so I ran down to get it, and decided to throw a load of the kids gear in the wash, folded the load in the dryer, and stacked it on the stool so I would remember the real reason I was in the basement.

As I reappeared from the depths, DANGER kicked me square in the chest. I saw a peanut, and Theo had his mouth full of the mix the peanut was in. His Auntie brought a little snack from Ethiopia, roasted seeds, grains, and peanuts. It is really yummy, and mostly I've eaten it, well I can say with one exception, PEANUT free. Theo was in the process of spitting out his mouthful as I rounded the corner asking, "There aren't peanuts in there are there?" This is all happening in about 2 seconds time, and I had already spotted a peanut in the bag, but I was in disbelief. Auntie KNOWS about the allergy, but she forgot. It happens, but I am positive she will never forget again. She looked miserably sorry, and apologized. Hopefully I was receptive, because adrenaline and shock were taking over my body. I rinsed his mouth best I could (he *is* 2 1/2) and gave him some Benadryl. I've been trying him to drink juice or water (coffee if he would drink anything, almost), because I feel like water is really a great cleanser and dilutes and keeps things moving on through. He isn't too fired up on drinking his agua, however.

Auntie was on her way out the door for the day, so I hope she is feeling okay. Someone stole her cell phone when she was using it on the street in Ethiopia (oh my word! right?) so she can't even get word that he is doing okay. Actually, she is on her way to get a new phone. I called my Mom to talk about the events, because I didn't want to upset Daddy at work, if it isn't serious. She offered to come over to watch Suvi girl in case Theo needs to see the doctor. At the moment she has them both out for a little walk around the block, so I can get ready for our trip to Costco.
Oh, Theo was using a straw Gram brought to drink ice water from a glass cup. It slipped out of his hand. Thankfully it broke on the carpet, so it didn't shatter too horribly. Wow. Yes, it has been quite a morning already! I am thankful Theo wasn't liking his snack, that I came up in time to know what he had in his mouth, that my Mom was available to help me, and for our awesome vacuum cleaner Habtamu gave me 2 Christmases ago (yes, it was what I wanted :). Sometimes, although it is frightening, I am thankful for such scares. Thankful because it reminds me just how precious these children are and why the annoying fights over Thomas trains are not as big as they feel at the moment. It just hit me that Suvi was a total perfect baby while all the drama was unfolding. I am feeling blessed and loved in this moment. Thank God!

I'll make the muffins another time.


Anonymous said...

glad he's alright, jen. do you guys have an epipen? i can't recall....yay for grandma!
~ann b.

Joni said...

Hope your day is smoothly sailing at this point!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Oh wow!! What a morning! I just ran over here to read after your comment on Etsy.

What a scare. Those moments sure put your heart in your throat, don't they. Is he still doing okay? I'm on the edge of my seat thinking about delayed reactions! I'm assuming he is though because you said your day is going better. I might keep a close eye on him for the next 24 hours, just to be safe... I can't remember how long from an actual encounter they can react. I know it's quite a few hours...

And, his poor auntie. I'm sure she feels awful! We all make mistakes like that. I'm glad nothing came of it this time!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

P.S. You put *my* heart in my throat, too! :)

elizabeth said...

oh wow, jenny. what a morning. i'm glad he's all right - and hope the rest of the day goes much better!

Leanne said...

Gah! What a story. Here's to an easier tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

wow , how scary for you, and thank God for your precious mom. what would we do without them? Have a better tomarrow. Nan

ethiopifinn said...

He's doing fine :)
Thanks girls!
I told a few people about it at work and THAT was a mistake...I kept choking up! He felt warm & now he seems fine, but no other symptoms.
My day improved vastly!
Yes, Nanc', our Moms are both pretty great.

mella said...

Hallelujah and Amen!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is okay! What a scare.
Carol P.